Yeah, they really cut down his character by doing that. I don't know if it was for the American market, or if the writers felt that a more definitely gay character would do better for the LGBT cause than an omnisexual character (who could conceivably still pair off with the female lead in the narrative tradition), but… » 12/18/14 6:35am Yesterday 6:35am

I think you're almost right, but I disagree that the film's problems are that it should have been the last third of a single film: the problem is, the film was GOING to be the second half of a second film. Instead of being structured as a single film, with beginning, middle and end, it starts with an end, then goes… » 12/17/14 8:14am Wednesday 8:14am

Everyone in the comments is now parsing others' intentions. One of the problems with the subject of institutionalised bigotry is that it becomes impossible to identify sincerity from condescension, because the latter often masquerades as the former. » 12/17/14 10:44am Wednesday 10:44am

This is about the only area where I think the god-awful film surpasses the (admittedly worst of the series) book: Sirius definitely dies. Even if the veiled arch thing is still idiotically vague (and not used again - definitely a Chekov's arch), at least we hear Bellatrix shouting Avada Kedavra. In the book he's just… » 12/16/14 12:45pm Tuesday 12:45pm

That doesn't necessarily stop him being the hero of the story - it just means he's got(/could have) a more interesting arc to hero-hood. There's plenty of stories which begin with a reluctant, even destructive, protagonist, who grows into his role and steps up to the fight. That's what Moses needs to be. » 12/13/14 2:20am 12/13/14 2:20am

Actually... did we get a proper explanation of his rejuvenation from old man Reinhardt to middle man Whitehall? That was the big plot hole I was expecting to be filled; he explained how he dissected the mother, but then what did he do? Drink her blood? Transplant something into himself? Whatever it was, there's a… » 12/10/14 9:17am 12/10/14 9:17am

Yes, that's my main issue with this approach. I'd probably be fine with a woman (provided she's right for the role) being cast as the Doctor - I was very concerned that Moffat wouldn't be able to handle it, but he didn't make TOO many stupid blunders with Missy, so he might be up to the task. But trying to suggest… » 12/08/14 6:12pm 12/08/14 6:12pm

I'm conflicted. I want to be forgiving, I want to believe in a chance of redemption... but the story of his crimes isn't just the story of him. He claims to want to leave it in his past, that he's grateful that he can 'sleep at night and wake up feeling good', but how many people don't, can't, because of his actions? » 12/08/14 12:30am 12/08/14 12:30am

I wonder - do American cops carry any weapons beside guns? I'm specifically thinking of an asp, which I've seen British cops use to take down people with knives. Do American cops have a non-firearm alternative for non-firearm situations, or is a gun their only 'defence' (quotemarks added for laughability)? » 12/07/14 6:20am 12/07/14 6:20am

I sort of agree, but I think the gamechanger claim belongs more to the movies and the franchise as a whole than the TV show. The MCU has certainly inspired mega-franchises, but it and the show haven't (yet) inspired a movie-TV combination (I believe there's talk for the X-Men movies to make the transfer, but Star Wars… » 12/05/14 4:11pm 12/05/14 4:11pm