I recently started watching the original Upstairs, Downstairs. It was very, very slow by today's standards, but it was absolutely chock full of excellent character work. By the third episode I was ridiculously enthralled by whether one of the characters would lose her job. That was low stakes storytelling at its finest;… » 4/18/14 4:48pm Friday 4:48pm

I agree that the music was fantastic, and the design was phenomenal (a bit disappointed that the most significant aliens were still the most human-looking ones, but it was great to see the variety on display). But the plot I have to disagree on; I found it pretty silly and predictable. Worse than that, I found it… » 4/18/14 4:13pm Friday 4:13pm

But, to be fair, they don't need them. As a fan of the movies but not the comics, I have no particular desire to see the X-Men join the MCU. I think it'd make for a very clogged shared universe, when really an independent X-Men universe can be just as big and just as full as the MCU. I admit I'd like to see Spider-Man… » 4/16/14 12:23pm 4/16/14 12:23pm

Not really sci-fi or fantasy (although certainly elements of the second book do suggest it), but the Sally Lockhart series by Philip Pullman NEEDS to be adapted for television. And not the awful Billie Piper TV movies, but a proper miniseries per book. Six episodes minimum per book, up to double that for The Tiger in… » 4/11/14 5:26am 4/11/14 5:26am

Right from the start, there was spirituality telegraphed. The thing is, people were expecting (as with most other sci-fi shows) that the spirituality would at some point be explained away, that despite Head Six's proclamations of 'God' guiding them, there would be a scientific explanation for it all. There wasn't. » 4/10/14 12:38pm 4/10/14 12:38pm

I feel so milquetoast. I read the headline and couldn't think of any names ending with n except John and Alan. Turns out I don't really know anyone with names ending with n (John was just an obvious choice, and Alan is my middle name). Now I find out there's Raiden, Zaiden and Trayton! Where are all these curious… » 4/09/14 4:21pm 4/09/14 4:21pm

Let's remember that Marvel actually booked that date FIRST. WB then decided to put BvS up against Marvel, not the other way around. True, they hadn't announced what film would be there, but these things are in place well before they're announced, so Cap 3 was likely always going to be there. » 4/09/14 8:30am 4/09/14 8:30am

I'm pretty sure I'll see Cap 3 quite quickly (I like to keep up with the MCU, especially with SHIELD going at the same time, and not wanting to fall behind there; hopefully that'll still be the case in 2 years!). I'm always confident I'll enjoy a Marvel Studios film, so there's no question I'll see it in the cinema. » 4/08/14 5:39pm 4/08/14 5:39pm

They don't need to address it just yet, if the next episode/two episodes/six episodes actually take place during the film (Thor 2 was set between episodes, but that was on a shorter time scale and didn't directly impact the show). AoS don't need to reach the point of the climax of Cap 2 for at least a couple of… » 4/07/14 7:28am 4/07/14 7:28am

I'm completely up to date, I'm pointing to his actual lines, explicitly confirming that he'd rather be the coward than the killer, even though being the coward means at least twice as many people die (and probably many more when the Daleks are finished with Earth). It's an incredibly selfish decision, even knowing what … » 4/04/14 4:12am 4/04/14 4:12am

I'm really hoping they don't recast any more of the Avengers. As the report says, they have a universe of thousands of characters, there's no need for them to keep making Tony Stark and Steve Rogers movies. They can kill off/retire most of the current crop over the next decade, and potentially bring them back for… » 4/03/14 10:53am 4/03/14 10:53am

I was going to say, pretty much any episode of Breaking Bad. So many utterly fantastic cold opens. I'd also point out Dead Freight, which admittedly isn't very effective (or at all meaningful) by itself, but just kills you when the final scene rolls around. » 4/02/14 2:28pm 4/02/14 2:28pm